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start a new blogBeginners Guide To Starting A  New Blog In 2018
Hi ! so your thinking of starting a new  blog, good for you. Do you know how to go about it – I mean how to start a new blog . Well, then we have put together the must-know on starting a successful new blog and some great tips. With the information world evolving daily, a blog is the best way to uniquely express yourself successfully to a desired targeted audience and believe me, if you remain consistent and interesting, you will probably build wealth from it too. Below are five rights you must perform to have your web up and running.
Follow these steps
wordpress start a blogChoose a blogging platform
This is the most important step; knowing what kind of platform to set your new blog on. As a beginner, you want a blog platform that is easy to set up and does not require any special computer programming language or tutorial. A flexible platform that will allow you to grow and expand your blog in future is the best. Currently, the best blogging platform is WordPress with countless of plugins and add-ons and has unique graphics that enhance the content of your blog and just in case you are deciding otherwise, there are over 80 million WordPress users around the world making it the best and biggest blogging platform yet

blogging platformFree or paid web hosting
Now that you have chosen your blogging platform which I am guessing it is WordPress. You have to decide if you should host your new blog on a free or prepaid platform. Well being on a free platform is nice but you have limited control over your blog. These are some reasons why a free platform is not the best for a beginner to start a new blog.
.• You have limited control over your blog content
• Your domain name will not probably be forgetful and too long and looks something like this; instead for the unique, catchy name you would love to have.
• You can’t place adverts on a free blogging platform which thwarts the effort of making money with your blog. These are why having a paid WordPress hosting is better than a free one.
Register your domain name and choose a web host
So, a domain name and a web host are two different terms. In plain terms, a domain name is the address of your website such as while the web host is the house where your domain lives. When choosing a domain name; it should be unique, easy to remember, no hyphen, and describes your blog. We recommend you choose a domain name that ends with .COM because it is easier to remember. Many WordPress sites offers domain names and web hosting services but the best web host for WordPress is HostGator.
Why I recommend HostGator
As with all things on the internet, how fast a page loads and the uptime should matter when you start a new blog. There are thousands of web hosting sites but HostGator offers more to you that most web hosts.
Why HostGator?
• HostGator core servers run on i7 processors which give excellent uptime to all the websites they host
• The load time for HostGator is 1.52 seconds unlike the next best hosting company in the market
• HostGator has a very fast response time
• they have an updated software platform that ensures that you are always in tunes with the latest apps
• the best hardware server for any kind of website hosting either for a shared server with single domain or a fully dedicated server
• with our QuickInstall app, it just a matter of minutes to have your website up and running
• be an excellent designer with our Weebly Web Builder, with pick and drop theme for any design of your choosing
The success of any company is its customer service. As a beginner blogger trying to host your website, you will get confused or lost, and have questions regarding the process. HostGator has an excellent customer service. They are around to answer your question any day and anytime making sure your website is successful. Recently, HostGator launched their cloud-based hosting service, though more expensive. Now that you have chosen the right web host, chose a hosting plan that suits you.
visitDesigning your new blog
This is where you get to be an interior designer. You get to choose a theme and color that reflect your professionalism and personality. Even though you can change your theme as your progress, it is nice to have one that tells the visitors about who you are the moment they click you link. Please also make your page simple and easy for visitors to navigate without getting bored.

So, I hope you have been following carefully. Let’s do a quick recap on how to start a new blog.
• Choose a blogging platform – I recommend WordPress because it has some of the best guidelines for any beginner blogger
• Chose a paid WordPress platform rather than a free platform, this will allow you spread your wings and monetize your intellect.
• Choose a unique domain name that is catchy and memorable
• Decide on a web host based on load time and uptime, we highly recommend HostGator for the best reasons too
• Decide on a hosting plan
• Design your WordPress page to look professional and shows your personality. If you have gotten all this, now we will move further.
Next step: Express yourself
Feed your blog with contents that will attract visitors not just to visit but to want to come back. Some facts to remember are:
• Pick the audience for your blog: this equivalent to creating a niche for yourself.
• Create contents that display your strength
• Be engaging, simple, and honest
• Write contents that add value to the visitor’s lives
• Be consistent and transparent so that visitors can relate to you
• Be focused, have a vision and run with it.
• Remember that blogging is time-consuming and it’s all about your life, so be ready and patient.
• Ignore the negative comments, they are bound to come anyways
Aside from linking your website to your blog, also link your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. This will boost your page by creating traffic but be careful about bad traffic that might affect your website.
Grow your new blog
The first thing to do is to have a great about me page where visitors can tell whom you are by just reading about it. You can seek help from other blogs or bloggers to avoid mistakes. You should also add your contact so that visitors to your blog can reach you.
We are done. Hope you enjoyed reading and here is wishing you the best in your blogging career