The Best Guide To Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners 2018

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freelance writing jobsSo you would like to start a freelance writing job
Well good news we are here to help you . To start out freelance writing you will need little or no money now , that is very good  news !

This helpful guide is perfect for any beginner to learn how to start out, a freelance writing career.  Please bookmark this post.

Now let us get started !

What Is Freelance Writing?

freelance writing

Is a person who will work as a writer, Who will earn money for there work or services by writing articles or posts by the hour or day, gig etc., Working for them self rather than working for one employer.


Benefits Of A Freelance Writer?freelance writer

Well you can work from home.Have the freedom to work as many hours as you like per day per week etc..Work anywhere in the world with a internet connection.Get payments directly into your bank account.Now that is not bad at all !


The Checklist: What You Will Need.

freelance writer

There are some necessary things you need to get your business up and running for your freelance writing job.

The great news is its not as difficult as you may think.Here is a list to get you ready.


  1. Laptop: Ready for you to write and save your work.
  2. Internet Access:  Be it WiFi  or landline
  3. Email: Good business name email to attract clients
  4. A Blog:  Can be a free one or paid to show off your skills
  5. Word Processor: Plenty of free ones online
  6. A Paypal Account: Ready to get paid

So that is it really you are all ready and  set to go.Simple all you require is good skill”s and imagination and learn on the job to better yourself!


5 Ways To Earn Money Freelance Writing.

freelance writing jobs

If you have WiFi, a PC, writing skills, a sprinkle of interest and you are on your way to becoming a freelance writer. The concept of freelancing implies that you work for others but remain your own boss. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. As a beginner in freelance writing, you can earn money these five ways:


1.    Freelance Blogging
If you have access to the internet and can write for a wide range on employers, you can become a Freelance Blogger. Blogging is an easy way to make money on your own terms. Your audiences span across the world, companies, and platforms. Just put yourself out there and do good work.

When you have a foot in the door, proceed by a strategy on how to make money from it. The key is to be creative; not just about your work, but how you do it.

•    Write on trendy topics: A right way of gaining traction is writing what grabs attention. You can design it to solve problems. However, don’t be too regular, add your own extra spice. Remember to advertise your skills conspicuously across your blog.

•    Offer your skills: There are diverse ways of offering your skills; the first is to do so freely, then cheaply and finally, charge a premium. You can adopt the B2B approach by offering to feature write-ups on people’s businesses on your blog or become a guest blogger on other people’s writing platforms.

•    Wake up writing: consistency is the key to survival in the blogging business. Keep writing, don’t stop.


2.    Freelance Website Copywriting
Copy writing is a high earning writing gig. It is writing content for promotional materials with the ultimate aim of getting customers to choose your clients.

Being a freelance copy-righter means that you can work for several employers at a go (if you can manage them well). Now that being online is the new rave, there is a huge market for freelance writers whose niche is websites.

As a website copy-righter, master how to blend visuals and writing effectively, whilst keeping customers engaged enough to achieve the main aim – patronage.
Own the trade by:

•    Joining Content Mills or Freelancing Platforms: both platform types are good ways of starting a freelance website copy writing career. Either one provides a steady stream of work and income. Both help you build proficiency in the trade. You will also learn how to market yourself.

•    Developing an Online Portfolio: Prospective clients are interested in whether you have done the work of copy writing before. Next, they want to know if you do it well. You should create and maintain an online portfolio for these reasons. It should be attractive and market your skills effectively. You can situate it on an engaging website. Great portfolios guarantee exposure and increased earnings.


3.    eBook Writing
Years ago, Amazon shared that more people were reading online books than a regular paperback. Today, the revenue generated from eBooks is about US $11,862 m and will rise to over 13 million by 2022. As the world becomes more digitized, demand for eBooks will see a continued rise. To become part of this thriving industry, just pick a spot.

To begin, it is imperative that you have a platform. This isn’t because you cannot fix yourself somewhere and still have some earnings, but if you are in it to win, it pays to have a platform from which to share what you have with the world. The advantages are immense. First, you get to keep all the profit. Secondly, you boost your image as an influencer or expert within your niche.

However, you still maintain the chance of promoting your products (eBooks) on established platforms such as Amazon.
Becoming an eBook writer is easy but requires commitment and readiness to work. Established eBook writers want you to keep the following in mind as you start:

•    Choose a niche – something that excites you or that you are learned in.

•    Decide on your market – peruse the world, find out what people like, need or want to know.

•    Write the eBook – keep it simple, attractive and engaging.Proofread and format the eBook – get a neutral person to do this. Then design in a sell-able format (pdf and standard sizing)

•    Promote your work – use social media and other new media. Skimm it for your blog readers.

•    Keep promoting and create more eBooks


4.    Ghost Writing
If you are all about making a name for yourself, this may not be your ideal route. However, ghostwriting is lucrative (earnings can be as high as $500,000 one-time fees) and is excellent for a beginner.

As a freelancer, you can charge premium prices depending on the client.
Ghostwriting is just that, writing as a ‘ghost’; the writer creates, improves or edits a literary work on behalf of someone else, usually a popular person, and is not given credit for it (a confidentiality clause is often part of the contract of engagement).

The scope of freelance writing for ghostwriters is quite wide, spreading into the performing arts world. Ghostwriters can be engaged by musicians to write songs, or by filmmakers to work on screenplays for movies.

As always, you need to have proof that you can do what is being asked. This can be tricky, but by being creative, you can build a portfolio for yourself.

One candid advice is that you pick a niche at the onset but invest in learning to improve your diversity, vastness and the quality of work. You can blog about what you’re learning in the course of your work without breaching your contract.


5.    Review Writing
Writing reviews is all about giving summaries of opinions on products, services, businesses, places, literary works and a range of things.

Reviews are essential for measuring the quality of offerings, thereby making them a thriving market for freelancing beginners.

By nature, reviews are based on your knowledge about a subject. Therefore, it pays to pick a niche you already have knowledge in. For instance, you can narrow your writing to techy pieces if you are tech-savvy.It would be foolhardy for you to leave tech and take on fashion reviews. That’s the classic square peg in a round hole scenario.

Focusing on a niche helps you to build expertise in the subject matter. Not only that, it helps you gain trust, which will bring you clients and keep them. Trust is a template for customer loyalty.

Again, you may require a platform for showcasing your writing. This can be a blog or a website. A blog based on reviewing cars would be a great starting point for a beginner who loves and knows cars. As the blog gains traction, you become an expert voice on car reviews.

This will attract opportunities to engage in freelance writing for automobile magazines and companies.The beauty of freelancing for a beginner is primarily that the risks are limited, the prospects high and the journey rewarding and adventurous.





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