15 Blogging Tips From Beginner To Expert

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blogging tips Well In this article we cover 15 very helpful blogging tips to boast the power of your blog, lets get started!

Blogging to me is a phenomenal concept that combines both art and science.  You get to express yourself freely and reach out to your audience in the most impactful way. This creates a connection which every blogger needs. The goal of everyone in the blogging sphere is to be successful and to generate crazy traffic on their blogs. The good thing about this is that with a solid knowledge of the dos and don’ts you can go from beginner to an expert in limited time. This is what this article seeks to do. To put the keys right in your hands
1)    Get Mentored By A Successful Blogger Who Has Made All The Mistakes:
Sometimes, personal experience is not necessarily the best teacher. You can learn a thing or two from the experiences of successful bloggers. Know what they did wrong along the way despite their present success level so you will know what to do right. This will save you a whole lot of stress and money.
2)    Draw Some Inspiration From Your Audience:
You may not know what your audience wants to read about or what’s the latest hot thing of interest to people , if you don’t put a question out there through your blog post. Doing this is sure to have answers pouring in which would guide you on the right things to write about.  This would in no time increase your blog traffic.
3)    Maximize The Advantages That Comes With Pinterest:
One thing about Pinterest is the fact that it is forever. Your posts are not easily removed unlike other platforms. That said, on Pinterest you can be sure of a longer duration and better pay so maximize it.
4)    Understand Your Audience:
In blogging there is a need for you to develop the ability to understand your audience. It’s almost like you are leading a family. Getting to understand your audience invariably means you would know what blog content would go down well with them. You can easily do this by putting up an engaging quote or question and see how much people jump into the discussion. This is key to succeeding at blogging.
5)    Develop Affection For Your Present Readers:
A lot of bloggers find themselves incredibly driven by the urge to get new readers that they neglect the current ones that have. The truth here is this, your current readers have the capacity to expand your numbers if you keep at putting up valuable content. Every reader wants something that addresses them on a personal level. If you go off seeking for new readers without meeting the needs of the current ones, your numbers may drop in no time.
6)    As a blogger, go beyond Blogs That Are Centered On Your Services:
People are not really concerned about a blog that is just interested in selling its products or services. This creates the need for you to engage the combination of helping and selling at the same time. So think of what problems you can solve through your posts. It can be through a sound checklist, how tips e.t.c. Also if you are uncertain of your blog content, you can get some ideas from your competition. I’m not talking copy and paste. Just know what they are doing right and what your target audience loves. Spice it up and make it yours.
7)    Write For Yourself First:
Sometimes convert your thought, opinions and feelings into written words. Let the write up be all about your ideas. Write-ups for yourself are sure to contain some factors that will connect with a certain group of readers on your platform plus, let your emotions and thoughts flow into written words would lead into more published works. From time to time just post things borne out of your ideas not research or possible reception rate.
8)    Share Some Knowledge:
Some bloggers are unusually scared of the idea of sharing what they know with others. The truth however is, there is no secret sauce in the world. Not with the fast internet speed that has been made easily available. Don’t be afraid actually to showcase what you know. Give away free content until they fall in love with you for it. This brings a much needed positive attention your way.
9)    Consistency Is key:
One thing about blogging is the fact that losing subscribers is way more easy than growing them. This is where the need for consistency comes in. You need to keep posting valuable information on a regular basis to keep the attention of your readers and boost the growth rate of your subscribers.
10) Build A Community: 
You are as strong as those you have around you. This goes to say that you need a community of like-minded amazing bloggers who can propel you into greatness and be a source of inspiration. The additional numbers hurt. So join a mastermind group or create one.
11) Create An Impressive Call To Action:
Call to actions are a subtle way of gaining followers to your personal social media page or to an email list. A good number of people may love what you put up, but you only get what you ask for. If you don’t direct them to follow any link, they most likely won’t go through the stress of searching you out on social media or even attempt getting your email list.
12) Build Your Email List:
Building your email list should be a priority beginning from the get-go. Even if you don’t consider yourself selling anything, having an email list avails you the opportunity to promote directly to your audience any fresh content without bothering about such things as search rankings.
13) Be True To Your Voice:
You should know that people don’t really care about following sites as much as they care about following people. This creates the need to find your voice and stay true to it. What matters is what your audience resonates with.
14) Don’t Rush It:
Becoming hot stuff in blogging is not a days job. It takes time. Stay consistent and be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn. Pick up new ideas and dedicatedly stick it out.  It may take time, but regularly practicing the right steps is sure to produce a remarkable result in due time.
15) Prioritise Your Email List:
Your email list is as important as your blog. Consider it your community especially if you possess an ambition to create a movement, a business or to throw your weight behind a course. That said, your primary goal should be how to impact value unto the people on your list. Know what they need and put it into words.
Overall, successful blogging primarily involves knowing the tips and tricks and applying it. Who is your audience? What are their needs? How best can you reach out and create an impact? The above is a guide for going from beginner to expert.

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