10 Free Trial/ Free SEO Tools To Optimize Your Website Ranking

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seo toolsIn the world of the internet, SEO is a common lingo and acronym for search engine optimization which is a tool that is used to get free and organic traffic to your website to gain more search engine visibility.

Your website gets more visibility by good back links, but there are tools, free seo tools that can help you properly optimize your website on search engines such as Google.

Why are SEO tools important?
They are important because they help the visibility of your website when people use search engines. Basically, this simply means that SEO tools help to polish and push your website from the background to the front where people can see it.

The right SEO tool can boost your search engine ranking so that your contents will be placed where searchers can readily get it without problems.

To achieve a good search engine optimization on Google, you have to focus on a good content for your work, let your content be thorough or explicit for better understanding, and then optimize your title search and your Meta description by using the right keywords to drive searchers to come to your website.

When you have these three, your website will get the necessary visibility and potentially rank number one on Google search engine. Although, to achieve this is pretty hard and that is why you need the right search engine optimization tool to propel your hard work to the world.

Some free and free trial SEO Tools are:


Google Analytics seo toolsGoogle Analytics is free as long as your impressions per month don’t exceed 5 million, which is great for personal and small business websites.

This software connects to your website through tracking codes that track and report website traffic. Google introduced Google analytics in 2005, and it’s the most widely used SEO tools on the web. This SEO tool is an essential digital tool that allows you to measure how users search and use your website.


Google Webmaster Toolsfree seo toolsTo get good traffic to your website from search engines, then signing up with Google webmaster tool account will boost your website.

The webmaster is a server and releases maintenance software that sustains the website that stores all the information to make sure that it is still functioning and to track how users interact with your website.


Keyword Plannerfree seo toolsGoogle Keyword Planner this uses Google AdWords to allow users  to find the right keyword to target the right audience to their website.

The tools allow users to glance through many keywords to make it easier for them to create new campaign site that attracts the right audience when they use search engines. To use this tool, sign up with Google AdWords account and follow the instructions there


MozBarseo toolMozBar is a free extension on Google Chrome that makes it easy to research your SEO toolbar on the go.

MozBar is free and a great tool for marketers and SEO as it provides instant analysis while viewing any page on SERP .


SEO Workers Toolfree seo toolSEO WORKERS TOOL is a free SEO analysis tool that helps you analyze and measure the ranking potential of your website by using the same spider technology used in other SEO. It is available as add-ons on Firefox and Google Chrome.

Some checks the SEO worker tools perform are Http header check, head elements, page most relevant keywords etc.


Woorankseo tool 2018Woorank : if you are looking for an SEO tool that will give you instant review after monitoring your website performance then Woorank is the tool to choose.

The tool reviews your website based on 70 criterion’s, some of which include: competitive analysis, tracks your keywords, market checklist, and creates an in-depth review in real-time and allows you to have a print out you can personalize by adding color, brand, and logos.

Although it is free, to fully enjoy all functions, you have to pay for the premium version.




free seo toolbar

SEOquake is a free plugin software that provides you with free research date at the click of a button. It is now compatible with Google, Opera, and Mozilla etc.


SERPs.comseo tools SERPs.com Keyboard Research Tool is an advanced keyword that allows the users to check a set of keywords by each site or by each client and capitalize on those set of keywords in building a site to increase more website visibility on search engine.

This SEO tool is able to track more than 200,000 keywords for 5,000 websites. It also tracks the process of a new SEO campaign by searching for each keyword. With this SEO tool, you are able to use certain keywords that will create more visibility during search engine which increases your website ranking on Google


Ahrefs Toolsseo toolAhrefs this is one of the most powerful SEO audit tool that used for checking backlinks. Bad backlinks are the major reasons why websites get taken down or suspended by Google. Some features of Ahrefs are:

• It performs backlink audits to make sure that your existing links are okay and give you facts to make proper decisions about your link profile

• It allows you to find link prospects by extracting link opportunities from your competitors.

Basically what Ahrefs is trying to help you with is having the right keyword to boost a topic for your website to attract traffic to your site. It is an amazing tool for content writers especially bloggers even when they lack a good topic idea.


Screaming Frogseo tools linksScreamingfrog is an SEO spider that you can easily install on your personal computer, Mac or Linux machine.

This is a free SEO tool that uses a web crawler to scan through hundreds of website to determine their importance on the search engine.

Basically screaming frog employs the same data collection process that Google and other search engines. This data collection by spider crawler allows you to use the data collected to improve your website for better visibility on search engines and Google.


Now that you know how important these tools are, pick one and optimize your search engine visibility on Google and other search engines.Helping you Rank higher.And the best part is  you can use them for free !

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